Starting a DIY Community for young people in Denmark

13 November 2020 - Published by Walter Wehus
How can you limit loneliness when you also have to limit physical contact?
Social gatherings in Denmark outside private homes are limited to 10 people, and it is recommended to limit physical contact to the same number. According to professor Niels Ulrik Sørensen, head of research at the Center for Youth Research at Aarhus University, this limited number is especially hard on young people.

As an adult, your social relations are typically relatively steady, whereas social relations among young people are continually changing. According to Senior scientist Mathias Lasgaard at Aarhus University, three out of four young people who experience loneliness are in contact with people they consider ‘friends’ on a daily or weekly basis. Thus, research indicates that isolation and loneliness are not necessarily linked. With this perspective, loneliness is closely linked to the quality of relations as opposed to the number of relations.

Genlyd is an initiative that facilitates communities; providing a platform, where people can easily find other people to connect with. To facilitate a community for younger people, GENLYD recently started a DIY-club, something trending among this age group on social media.

After a four-day social media campaign, the first three workshops were fully booked.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19, we have very limited seats. After an internal, mini co-creation session we decided to create a DIY-Community, where they can easily reach out to each other and create their own creative communities.