Hosting a workshop on loneliness in Region Värmland

09 October 2020 - Published by Walter Wehus
Swedish I2I partner Region Värmland invited stakeholders to talk about work on social inclusion and to raise awareness of the project.

“This was a chance for Region Värmland to listen to the stakeholders and learn more about what they are working on regarding social inclusion. We also talked about their plans for the future”, says Jenny Bång, the project leader of I2I in Region Värmland.

I2I, short for From Isolation to Inclusion, is a project working for more public innovation on social inclusion. The project works by bringing organisations together and co-creating solutions with the target groups.

Wide range of discussions

After introducing the project, Bång and her colleagues talked about the public health perspective on loneliness, and how Region Värmland addresses this during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As most other such gatherings, the workshop took place digitally, with discussions in breakout rooms. The discussions ranged from the personal experiences of the participants to the work the organisations were doing.

High-risk groups

“We also talked about what group we considered to be most at risk for social isolation. We have chosen to work with people between 55-65 years old, who are in the process of retiring”, says Bång.

The project manager says that the workshop was much appreciated.

“We got a lot of positive feedback. Mostly the organisations were happy just to have an arena to talk to each other and meet”, Bång says.