Across the North Sea Region many people are experiencing social isolation and  loneliness. The public sector is struggling to address such a complex problem. Finding a solution requires action from many different agencies.

I2I will focus on innovation in service delivery (including utilising new technologies such as serious gaming, apps, chatbots, VR/AR) through bringing organisations together and co-creating solutions with the target groups.

The overall objective in I2I is to enhance innovation in social service delivery to improve social inclusion and counteract loneliness in NSR communities and neighbourhoods.

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Latest Project News

Teaching service design by video

17 September 2020

Four videos show how to approach stakeholder mapping, user profiles, interviews and observation in service design projects. The videos were produced b…

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Working with social inclusion in COVID-19 times

11 August 2020

The pandemic is affecting everything from volunteering to organisations and personal relationships. I2I partners recently sat down for a digital round…

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First steps in Arendal

26 June 2020

From Isolation to Inclusion wants to map the needs of the elderly in Norway’s Arendal municipality. In June, the project met with the heads of the hom…

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Meet our new PhD

24 June 2020

Henriette Hovland will work with topics concerning the elderly, loneliness and technology in the project From Isolation to Inclusion.

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A good start, against the odds

21 April 2020

Our project on social isolation starts up in the middle of worldwide distancing.

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