Across the North Sea Region many people are experiencing social isolation and  loneliness. The public sector is struggling to address such a complex problem. Finding a solution requires action from many different agencies.

I2I will focus on innovation in service delivery (including utilising new technologies such as serious gaming, apps, chatbots, VR/AR) through bringing organisations together and co-creating solutions with the target groups.

The overall objective in I2I is to enhance innovation in social service delivery to improve social inclusion and counteract loneliness in NSR communities and neighbourhoods.

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Latest Project News

The importance of getting there

25 June 2021

Elderly people need both information and transportation to overcome social isolation and participate in activities. This has been the topic for a seri…

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Abertay students develop game for tackling social isolation

23 June 2021

The game prototype Budding Up lets people connect and collaborate online, without the need for verbal communication.

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In Assen, it is the middle-aged that are lonely

07 April 2021

Around 40 per cent of the population in the Dutch city of Assen are feeling lonely. Unusually for The Netherlands, social loneliness is higher in the …

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Digital excursions against loneliness

11 March 2021

Diakonie Bremen uses a virtual art walk to get people to meet and chat from the comfort of their homes.

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Visualising Värmland

14 December 2020

Pinpointing population demographics has become much easier for the Swedish region, with a new tool developed as part of the I2I project.

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