HyTrEc2 Partner Meeting in Assen

20 June 2018 - Published by Louise Napier
Third HyTrEc2 Partner Meeting

Partners from the HyTrEc2 project met in Assen, The Netherlands, on 19-20th March 2018 to discuss work package progress and view exemplar projects in the Province of Drenthe.

With specific links to Work Package 5: Supply Chain Development, Partners visited local firm, Resato International, to discuss how an international oil and gas firm has expanded into the hydrogen supply chain.  Resato are now providing refuelling solutions and testing equipment for FCEVs and their components, allowing for mobile as well as fixed hydrogen refuelling stations.  The question of how the HyTrEc2 Partners encourages other firms to learn from Resato's example was then the subject of a workshop the next day!

Partners also discussed progress with their vehicle deployments as part of Work Package 3.  All Partners have commenced the process for vehicle purchase, lease or retrofitting, including Groningen's new waste trucks being modified with electric drivelines and Aberdeen's Renault Kangoo and Nissan env200 vans being retrofitted with hydrogen tanks and fuel cells.  Cenex are also monitoring another 16 vehicles from Groningen, Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

RISE have nearly completed work on the simulation of forklift truck being retrofitted to run on hydrogen.  This has some interesting conclusions and full details will be published in the project output library in due course.

A hydrogen supply chain has also been produced for the North Sea Region and this will be available from the output library in due course.

The Partners also had a presentation from Jörg Weigl who has developed a hydrogen bicycle - a fascinating concept with great potential.