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What's happening in Narvik (November update)?

13 November 2020

If you have been following the story closely you will know that HyTrEc2 partner, University of Tromso, have been preparing for a big announcement. On this website we have been following the progress …

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HyTrEc2 has created a video explain the project

12 November 2020



An informative video outlaying the rational behind HyTrEc2 and the steps taken in the project to create a hydrogen economy!

The video was created for the Regiostars awards 2020 and submit…

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HyTrEc2 welcomes a new Project Partner: atene KOM GmbH

28 October 2020

It is official, a new German partner is entering the HyTrEc2 project in the place of EiFi: The Agency for Communication, Organisation and Management, , based in Berlin. HyTrEc2's newest pa…

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Register for the Regiostars Webinar 14/10/2020

25 September 2020

Regiostars Finalists to present a webinar as part of European Week of Regions and Cities 2020

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Solving the Puzzle of Hydrogen

21 September 2020

sometimes it is a bit tricky to get all the pieces to align

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What's Happening in Narvik?

02 September 2020

September heralds the start of colder weather in Northern Norway. Families across the region begin preparing for the long winter. For Narvik, September also means the start of the Northern Light Seaso…

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HyTrEc2 partner Aberdeen stipulates training requirement in hydrogen procurement

18 August 2020

HyTrEc2 Work Package 5, training objectives are guiding our partners in all aspects of thei hydrogen work. 

HyTrEc2 partner, Aberdeen stipulated that a training component was included in a recent I…

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Webinar on Making Hydrogen Transport Work

10 August 2020

HyTrEc2 Partners Cenex and Aberdeen City Council hosting webinar on "Insights and Experiences into Making Hydrogen Transport Work"

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Visit to HyTrEc2 Partner, Aberdeen, from the Rt Hon Mr Michael Gove, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office.

30 July 2020

On the 28th July 2020, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster and Minister for the Cabinet Office, Rt Hon Michael Gove MP visited HyTrEc2 Partner Aberdeen to learn about the regional push for hydrogen

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Wish you were here

28 July 2020


Dear everyone, 

Wish you were here.

Wish you were engaging with the future transport technologies with us today. Wish you were driving around without having to worry about the implication eac…

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