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Sneak Peek of The Future in Drenthe

23 June 2020

{some exciting news in Provincie Drenthe}

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Hydrogen fuel now free for HyTrEc2 vehicles in Aberdeen

19 June 2020

{Co-wheels Car Club Toyota Mirai cruising by!}

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HyTrEc2 emissions savings so far...

01 June 2020


 {HyTrEc2 project driving the innovative, green solution of Hydrogen forward in the North Sea Region}

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HyTrEc2 feature in Interreg Sustainable Transport Publication

18 May 2020

HyTrEC2 features in the 'Interreg makes a difference in sustainable transport 2020' publication. HyTrEc2 were one of only twenty-two projects across the whole of Interreg that were selected to have t…

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UiT present HRS training facility at Transition Towards Zero Emissions Ports (TRAZEPO) Workshop

11 May 2020

The Arctic University of Norway presented their ambitions to create a training Hydrogen Refuelling Station at a workshop under the 'Transition Towards Zero Emission Ports' (TRAZEPO) project. Th…

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As part of HyTrEc2, UiT has created an Invitation to Tender.

21 April 2020

As part of HyTrEc2, UiT has created an Invitation to Tender.

As an effort to ensure cheaper green hydrogen production, storage and distribution in rural North Sea Region areas, The Arctic Univers…

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HyTrEc 2 Steering Meeting Amsterdam March 2020

16 March 2020

The 9th & 10th of March 2020 saw the HyTrEc2 steering meeting take place in Amsterdam. All partners engaged in the process of one-on-one meetings followed by a group discussion. The event proved …

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HyTrEc2 warmly welcomed The North Sea Commission working groups on Transport and Marine Resources to Aberdeen.

21 February 2020

 {Happy to learn about Hydrogen for Transport and Marine possibilities}



The North Sea Commission were warmly welcomed to Aberdeen on the 18th and 19th of February 2020. Aberdeen hosted …

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ACHES will have two tours open to the public on the 26th March

23 January 2020

As part of Climate Week North East, ACHES will be hosting public tours around the station. This is a fantastic opportunity to showcase HyTrEc2's successful production, storage and dispensing of renew…

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