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HyTrEc2 contributing to new Hydrogen for Transport Course

31 January 2022

HyTrEc2 has been working with Energy Skills Partnership (ESP) to develop a new Hydrogen for Transport Course.

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Look back on 2021

21 December 2021

As the nights draw in and the days wane, we take a moment to reflect on the year of 2021.

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HyTrEc2 Hydrogen Transport Legislation and Standards in the NSR

10 December 2021

A momentous report detailing the state of legislation in the North Sea Region around hydrogen vehicles as well as production and distribution of the fuel has been compiled by HyTrEc2 partner Cenex.

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8th December Webinar on Hydrogen Transport: Legislation and Standards in the North Sea Region

06 December 2021

Cenex will present the key findings of their new report on Hydrogen Transport: Legislation and Standards

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HyTrEc2: The Researchers of The Hydrogen-Generation

11 November 2021

The HyTrEc2 project is on a mission to ensure that a hydrogen economy flourishes in the North Sea Region. A crucial aspect of a hydrogen-fuelled energy transition is ensuring that there is a pool of …

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HyTrEc2 work leads to exciting announcement in Aberdeen

29 October 2021

The Aberdeen Hydrogen Hub- Scotland's first commercially scalable, investable green hydrogen production facility

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Digital Workshop Series 2: Skills, Legislation, and Supply Chain 28.9.21

24 September 2021


The second instalment in the hydrogen digital series of events in which pioneering regions will report on their experience in the Hydrogen Transport Economy (HyTrEc2) project. This event will ta…

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Green Hydrogen: The Business Cases

12 August 2021

One of HyTrEc2's core aims is to realise a green hydrogen economy. Green hydrogen is produced using renewable sources and thus produces no emissions in the creation, as well as the use of the hydroge…

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HyTrEc2 has won a project extension to carry out more pioneering hydrogen work!

29 June 2021

Exciting News HyTrEc2 will be delivering a Hydrogen Economy for a while longer! allowing us to explore hydrogen deployment in new sectors and ways.…

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