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Green Hydrogen: The Business Cases

12 August 2021

One of HyTrEc2's core aims is to realise a green hydrogen economy. Green hydrogen is produced using renewable sources and thus produces no emissions in the creation, as well as the use of the hydroge…

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HyTrEc2 has won a project extension to carry out more pioneering hydrogen work!

29 June 2021

Exciting News HyTrEc2 will be delivering a Hydrogen Economy for a while longer! allowing us to explore hydrogen deployment in new sectors and ways.…

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Recently HyTrEc2 Celebrated a Special Anniversary

30 April 2021

Five Fantastic Hydrogen-Fuelled Years!

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Investment announcement positions Narvik as Norway's Hydrogen Capital

19 March 2021

Hydrogen Economy blossoming in Narvik, City of HyTrEc2 partner UiT.

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HyTrEc2 Skills Survey- Please Participate. The Closing Date is 26th Feb 2021

17 February 2021

'And so, my fellow hydrogen-fans: ask not what HyTrEc2 can do for you -ask what you can do for HyTrEc2!'

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Waste Truck takes to the streets of Groningen

19 January 2021

This truck is the first of two HyTrEc2 trucks set to launch in Groningen and will be used for waste collection in The City Centre.


The new vehicle is a Rear-End loader Refuge Collection Vehicle…

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The New Year is Off to a Flying Start in Narvik

12 January 2021

Despite exceedingly harsh conditions, there has been significant progress on the Hydrogen Refuelling Station in Narvik.

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HyTrEc2 Wishes you all an excellent winter break!

22 December 2020

H2 H2 H2 Merry Christmas!

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Working across project and programme lines to ensure hydrogen is at the forefront of Europe's Transport

07 December 2020

Here at HyTrEc2 we value sharing knowledge, technology and solutions.

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