Wish you were here

28 July 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow


Dear everyone, 

Wish you were here.

Wish you were engaging with the future transport technologies with us today. Wish you were driving around without having to worry about the implication each mile has on the next generations. Wish you were innovating and experimenting on hydrogen in all forms of vehicles: large and small; electric, diesel and pure FCEV; fixed-route and public use.Wish you were achieving the same startling improvements in Carbon-Dioxide emissions that our fleet is seeing. Wish you were putting an end to the air pollution and noise pollution of your vehicles. 


Wish you were able to capitalise on the weather to generate and store energy, like we are. Wish you were providing a storage and distribution mechanism, which ensures that renewable energy can always meet the energy demands. Wish you were creating a network of hydrogen refuelling stations, and publicising the data collected from these, to allow drivers to make more informed and sustainable transport decisions. Wish you were exploring alternative uses for an alternative fuel, to imagine the whole picture and see a world no longer wedded to fossil-fuels. 


Wish you were working with us to foster a stronger supply chain to meet future demand for hydrogen. Wish you were facilitating dialogue between energy giants, academics and innovators. Wish you were helping to retain the skill-set of those engaged in the oil & gas sectors, to ensure the energy transition is optimised. Wish you were creating training programmes to train up the technicians of tomorrow. 


We are making the future today & we cannot wait for you to join us!

Wishing you were here,

HyTrEc2 xx



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