HyTrEc2 welcomes a new Project Partner: atene KOM GmbH

28 October 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

It is official, a new German partner is entering the HyTrEc2 project in the place of EiFi: The Agency for Communication, Organisation and Management, atene KOM, based in Berlin. HyTrEc2's newest partner is a consultancy firm, which works in tandem with the public sector on large-scale projects. atene KOM chiefly focuses on bringing future technologies and infrastructure into rural areas, which makes them perfect to help us achieve our ambitions for Hydrogen in the North Sea Region!



atene KOM have thirteen years’ experience in marketing; organising workshops; delivering training modules; and in project communication. In addition, they have unique hydrogen experience across Germany ranging from exploring nifty hydrogen storage solutions in Berlin to hydrogen production from water treatment along the river Emscher. From their extensive project experience and their hydrogen insight we are certain that atene KOM are set to be a wonderful partner!

atene KOM will take an active outreach role within HyTrEc2. The company plans to host various hydrogen events in Germany which will facilitate business-to-business meetings. Furthermore, atene KOM intends to construct a hydrogen demonstration model which will be shown at such events to entice newcomers into the hydrogen sector. It is anticipated that atene KOM shall also develop a  HyTrEc2 road trip, across all partner regions (Covid-19 restriction dependent), to highlight the blossoming network of green hydrogen technology and associated hydrogen infrastructure.

In sum, we are so excited to welcome atene KOM to the HyTrEc2 Team :)