Webinar on Making Hydrogen Transport Work

10 August 2020 - Published by Louise Napier
HyTrEc2 Partners Cenex and Aberdeen City Council hosting webinar on "Insights and Experiences into Making Hydrogen Transport Work"

Hydrogen is operationally viable for road transport, but the commercial case can be challenging. This webinar will show can public and private actors help create the conditions for hydrogen vehicles to be fully viable for suppliers, infrastructure providers and end users. It will also highlight some of the key lessons learned from hydrogen vehicle deployment in Aberdeen.

The event is chaired by Fergus Worthy of Cenex and includes presentations from Andrew Win of Aberdeen City Council, Nick McCarthy of Cenex, and Nigel Holmes of SHFCA. This event will also include a Q&A session with the speakers. To attend this event register here


Making Hydrogen Transport Work - Insights and Experience from Aberdeen

Thursday 13th August, 14:00-15:15 BST

14:00            Fergus Worthy, Cenex: Welcome and introduction

14:05            Nigel Holmes, SHFCA: Background and context

14:10            Andrew Win, Aberdeen City Council: Insights from the hydrogen bus fleet

14:25            Nick McCarthy, Cenex: Vehicle deployment and the commercial case

14:40            Nigel Holmes, SHFCA: further opportunities

14:45            Panel Questions & Answers

15:10            Fergus Worthy, Cenex: Closing comments (finish at 15:15)


This webinar will bring together practical experience from the Aberdeen hydrogen bus project and lessons learned during HyTrEc and HyTrEc2 (Hydrogen Transport Economy for the North Sea) projects. In addition to the buses and ACC’s hydrogen vehicles in Aberdeen, HyTrEc2 has also supported the development of the Co-Wheels car club Toyota Mirais. To promote the use of the HyTrEc2 FCEV Toyota Mirais, Co-Wheels recently decided to waive the joining and annual fee, this gives users a saving up to Ł85.

SHFCA members are leading the way and 'learning by doing' with projects in locations including Aberdeen, Fife, the Western Isles, and the Orkney Islands. The expanding hydrogen bus fleet in Aberdeen has clearly shown the value of building on the lessons learned since March 2015 when the bus fleet started its regular scheduled passenger service.   

Aberdeen’s hydrogen vehicle fleet and some key achievements from Aberdeen’s hydrogen buses (photo credit ACC)

Projects such as the FCH JU supported Aberdeen hydrogen buses have built up experience and understanding which can now help others to progress opportunities for the development and deployment of low carbon transport technologies.

Link: http://www.shfca.org.uk/shfca-events/2020/8/13/making-hydrogen-transport-work-insights-and-experience-from-aberdeen