As part of HyTrEc2, UiT has created an Invitation to Tender.

21 April 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

As part of HyTrEc2, UiT has created an Invitation to Tender.

As an effort to ensure cheaper green hydrogen production, storage and distribution in rural North Sea Region areas, The Arctic University of Norway have created an Invitation to Tender. The University intends to have a small Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HRS) set-up on site. 



The UiT team are the leader of work package 5, which focuses on strengthening the supply chain and creating training. The creation of the HRS will help to galvanise the local hydrogen supply chain. Furthermore, the intention is to use the station mainly as an educational tool. The practical training potential that the HRS holds will significantly advance the provision of study available: allowing the students to strengthen their technical understanding with practical examples. Thus, the HRS goes a far way to help advance work package 5.


In addition, this HRS offers the project an additional source of data to draw upon for work package 3 and 4. The station will create an opportunity to better understand the conditions of green hydrogen production and storage locally, and allows the University the capacity to trial a hydrogen vehicle. This is exceptional exciting news, as the climate conditions in Narvik are far more extreme than more temperate partners, such as Groningen, so will offer an insight into the functionality of a hydrogen transport and refuelling in colder conditions. 


Click here for further information of the tender.