Hydrogen fuel now free for HyTrEc2 vehicles in Aberdeen

19 June 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
{Co-wheels Car Club Toyota Mirai cruising by!}


The news just keeps getting better! To promote the use of the HyTrEc2 FCEV Toyota Mirais, Co-Wheels have decided to waive the joining and annual fee, this allows the user to save up to £85!



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For the next 10 months the public in Aberdeen will be able to drive the HyTrEc2 funded Co-wheels Car Club Toyota Mirais without fuel costs thanks to a grant from Smarter Choices Smarter Places (SCSP). SCSP is a Paths for All’s programme to increase active and sustainable travel throughout Scotland. The programme is grant-funded by Transport Scotland. With zero emissions and lower costs this means its even easier for those who cannot use public transport at this time to go the shops, head to medical appointments and travel to and from essential work which cannot be done at home. 

Stuart Douglas, Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Manager at Paths for All said  

“We are pleased to be able to support this Car Club in Aberdeen allowing more people to make smarter travel choices for everyday journeys. By creating more opportunities for people to access shared cars, we’re reducing the need for private car ownership. This is not only a cheaper alternative for individuals, but it reduces the overall number of car journeys and increases the number of journeys by public transport, walking and cycling helping Aberdeen to be a greener, healthier city.”   



{Smarter Choices, Smarter Places: A Paths for All programme grant-funded by Transport Scotland}


The Smarter Choices Smarter Places money will be allocated to subsidising the fuel cost of the HyTrEc2 vehicles available to the public on the Co-Wheels car-club. Hydrogen vehicles are a more environmentally friendly way to travel as they emit only water vapour: no dangerous air pollutants or greenhouse gases associated with standard oil combustion engine. In addition, using a vehicle from a car share is a far more sustainable practice. HyTrEc2 has helped ensure hydrogen vehicles are available to the public on the car-sharing platform since March 2019. 

Tony Archer of CoWheels said  

Co-wheels is delighted to be receiving funding from Aberdeen City Council and the SCSP to help support the introduction of Hydrogen powered cars in the City for public member use.  With any new technology there’s always a lead in period where the cost is high and this funding will help offset the cost of hydrogen fuel making it far more attractive to use a Hydrogen car and try out the new technology.” 

Some of these HyTrEc2 vehicles have been clocking up in excess of 500 miles a month, so it will be exciting to see how far they will go with such a radical reduction in end-user fuel price! 

undefined{Councillor Bell, Aberdeen City Council’s HyTrEc2 Champion, with one of the HyTrEc2 Co-wheels cars} 

During Covid-19 Co-wheels has also been cleaning their cars more regularly and they offer advice to anyone using their vehicles:  


 If you work in the NHS and Care work then Co-wheels are also offering front line staff 50% off bookings in order to help out as public transport has been cut.  If you are already a member then contact the Co-wheels Customer team via live chat, email them on info@co-wheels.org.uk, or phone on 0191 375 1050 and send them a copy of your work ID to verify it. If you know those who aren’t members and could benefit from it then pass this on and ask them to sign up using the code COVIDCARE so they will not be charged any membership or monthly fees to join.