RISE Sweden leads the work on “Low Carbon Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution”

RISE is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Within HyTrEc2, RISE leads the work on “Low Carbon Hydrogen Production, Storage and Distribution”. RISE's vision is to provide value in sustainable development for business and society and provides expertise in all fields associated with the development of hydrogen including hydrogen safety experts and experts developing hydrogen fuel cell materials.

RISE Sweden's competences include targeted education packages, and it has project management skills in the development of hybrid and electric cars. The HyTrEc2 project will offer the opportunity to model the economic business case for green hydrogen production and problems associated with the development of hydrogen transport.

Currently, RISE is carrying out the completion of the report on ”The Distribution of Hydrogen in Isolated Regions”, which evaluates the problems of hydrogen production, distribution and storage in isolated areas in the NSR, with solutions to these problems also put forward.

Already completed within the project was RISE’s forklift truck simulation and subsequent report, published in 2019. The innovative forklift simulation and report was presented  by Anders Lundblad at a webinar arranged in November 2020 by the Interreg ÖKS project, Cleancon, in which RISE serves as the lead partner. RISE also delivered a workshop titled “Opportunities for Off-Grid Houses with Hydrogen” at the HyTrEc2 Mid-term Conference, which took place between the 28th of September to the 4th of October 2019 in Aberdeen. To follow up on their communication and dissemination efforts, RISE has also arranged several B2B meetings within the field of hydrogen to ensure the longevity of their activities within HyTrEc2 well beyond the project lifetime.

Finally, RISE has gathered a team of maritime experts and researchers who will co-create the “HyTrEc2 Harbour Study”, new HyTrEc2 activity made possible thanks to the additional funds received through the successful 12th call – you can look forward to this within the year!