Hydrogen in Ports Report Now Available!

RISE has been working at the forefront of hydrogen developments in Sweden and this latest report for HyTrEc2 demonstrates how important ports are for reducing carbon emissions and the opportunities that hydrogen presents in harbour settings. 

There are a rising number of ports that are not only interested in green hydrogen solutions for ships but all for machinery and heavy transport that operates within, to and from harbours.  Harbours have unique potential to increase the overall demand for hydrogen and therefore support the deployment of hydrogen production and infrastructure in the wider region.

This report introduces ports as Energy Hubs, and their unique position with access to renewable power potential through offshore wind and solar.  It goes on to detail potential hydrogen applications for powering ships - either through fuel or shore power connections directly powered by hydrogen.  It also covers hydrogen applications in ports and potential machinery that can be adapted for hydrogen usage and the potential opportunity this provides the wider for region for developing "Hydrogen Hubs" or "Hydrogen Valleys" to support supply and demand.  RISE details the EU and Swedish policies that are currently applying to hydrogen applications in port settings and concludes with interviews with two ports in Northern Europe to establish their hydrogen readiness.

The report can be downloaded from the Reports and Resources Section of the website or seen via the link here: Hydrogen in Ports