HyTrEc2 Skills Survey- Please Participate. The Closing Date is 26th Feb 2021

17 February 2021 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
'And so, my fellow hydrogen-fans: ask not what HyTrEc2 can do for you -ask what you can do for HyTrEc2!'

Hydrogen technology is still in its infancy and this impacts on both the number of technicians that work in the sector and the number of companies that work in the supply chain. The Hydrogen Transport Economy of the North Sea Region (HyTrEc2) project has several key aims, one of those is future-proofing skills and developing the hydrogen supply chain as part of a shared vision for a cleaner economy across the North Sea Region. So, with this in mind, the project needs to access the skill requirements of the emerging sector.


Our aim is to align industrial sector needs with the training modules so that they are industrially relevant; delivering the skills and competences to VET learners so they can work safely with hydrogen related technologies to facilitate the transition to the hydrogen economy. We will be carrying out needs analysis across a range of European regions in the form of questionnaires and produce a summary of the findings – which will act as a framework to define and develop the training content and modules.

We would appreciate if you could spare a short time in order to complete the questionnaire in the links provided below; this is very much appreciated and valuable. Please complete the questionnaire by 26th February 2021. Please also make use of the “other” sections within the questionnaire to expand on your responses where applicable.

We would like to highlight that your early engagement with the project could be hugely beneficial to the emerging hydrogen industry, as it will help to shape the development of the technical safety related training content. Effectively, your responses could safeguard and ensure the availability of a competent and well trained hydrogen workforce for your business – whether you are actively engaged in hydrogen related technologies now or are planning to diversify to this area in the future. You can find the questionnaires here and here



{Thank you from all the team of HyTrEc2}