Road-Sweeper blows Aberdeen City Council away

15 July 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
HyTrEc2 Road-Sweeper in Aberdeen- cutting edge dual-fuel technology

HyTrEc2 welcomed another bespoke vehicle to its fleet at the end of last year. The road-sweeper is a dual-fuel large vehicle, which operates on diesel and hydrogen. The vehicle shows the ingenuity and innovative nature of HyTrEc2, as it’s a particularly unique example of Hydrogen integration: it is a large vehicle with two engines- one to propel the vehicle and another to operate the brushes. The road-sweeper has been such a success that Aberdeen City Council are seeking another two sweepers to be converted this year. 

The vehicle mainly covers the North and West of Aberdeen City, and typically clocks up just under a 1000km a month. This back-to-base large vehicle uses between 15kg and 30kg of H2 a month. Willie Whyte, the fleet manager said, The sweeper’s performance has been exceptional and results show for city operation hydrogen is best. 


In June 2020, the road-sweeper operated in H2 mode 96% of the time, which helped save 181KG of CO2! In addition, injecting hydrogen into the combustion engine drastically reduces the amount of harmful pollutants emitted. Cleaning streets shouldn’t dirty the air!