HyTrEc2 Lunchtime Sessions and Hydrogen: A Business Opportunity for the North Sea Region Conference

01 August 2019 - Published by Kraftvaerk
Join us in Aberdeen for a series of lunchtime talks on hydrogen vehicle deployment, green hydrogen production and developing the supply chain and training in the North Sea Region as part of the Hydrogen: A Business Opportunity for the North Sea Region Conference.

The day will see a plethora of interesting discussions focused around the potential for hydrogen vehicles across the North Sea Region, how to produce green hydrogen from solar, and the business case for green hydrogen in Aberdeen, training technicians and developing the supply chain as well as a full day of Conference sessions on hydrogen and the business opportunity in the North Sea Region.  The Conference will also provide the chance to view and drive HyTrEc2 hydrogen vehicles. 



The Conference is taking place on Tuesday, 1st October 2019 at the Treetops Hotel in Aberdeen and interested participants can register here.

Councillor Philip Bell, Aberdeen City Council's HyTrEc2 Champion, said: "Hydrogen presents an exciting opportunity to achieve the global energy transition to a low carbon economy.

“With its history of innovation and technology development for the oil and gas industry, the North Sea Region aims to be at the forefront of this transition creating new opportunities and generating employment.

“We look forward to welcoming delegates to the conference and to the festival, underlining our vision to be a key player in the roll-out of hydrogen technology.”

The complimentary one-day conference will explore the vision and opportunity for hydrogen as well as its production and applications. The programme will feature representatives from several HyTrEc2 Partners throughout the North Sea Region who will introduce their projects as well as share key learnings from their emergence in this market. The event will focus on the opportunities for development of the regional supply chain.