HyTrEc2 hydrogen car found fame on the evening news

04 March 2020 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

In a segment about University of Aberdeen's advances in Fuel Cell Vehicles, the HyTrEc2 vehicles dazzled. The short news broadcast had some footage of the HyTrEc2 funded co-wheels Toyota Mirai to illustrate the future of transport. A particularly interesting aspect of the broadcast was the clearness of the in-vehicle-interview, despite the fact that the car is driving. This just highlights how hydrogen transport can not only improve the planet and our lungs, but also our ability to converse with each other in cars!

https://player.stv.tv/episode/3wjs/stv-news-aberdeen If you are interested in watching then skip to minute 12 of the broadcast, the segment lasts for 2 minutes and summaries that hydrogen is the fuel of the future, which HyTrEc2 thoroughly concurs!