Final Workshop at Groningen Airport to Launch the Hydrogen Ground Power Unit

05 June 2023 - Published by Louise Napier
1st June Workshop and Launch of GPU Event a Success!

The HyTrEc2 Partners came together for the last time to deliver a series of presentations as part of a final workshop and launch of the HyTrEc2 Hydrogen Ground Power Unit (what we believe is a world-first) led by Partner Provincie Drenthe.

The HyTrEc2 Workshop was opened by the Director of Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE), Meiltje de Groot, who also hosted the launch of the Ground Power Unit (GPU) later on that afternoon.  After welcoming everyone to the airport she indicated the importance of the project in progressing airports towards lower emissions.

A presentation by Province Drenthe, Marike Hoekstra, the HyTrEc2 Project Manager then followed detailing the HyTrEc2 project and highlighting that a number of HyTrEc2 vehicles were also on display outside including Provincie Drenthe and Gemeente Groningen's fuel cell electric cars and a hydrogen truck. 

Aldwin Oechies from Haulthausen Clean Technologies then gave a more detailed presentation of the GPU and the technology used.

A team from Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business, also presented their theses from studying the GPU including on stakeholder analysis and the business case for hydrogen GPU deployments at airports powered by solar. The full report can be viewed from this page.

HyTrEc2 Partner Gemeente Groningen's Evite van Wincoop then explained Groningen's journey, which started with HyTrEc2. She demonstrated the range of vehicles that could be considered for hydrogen and how Groningen have been scaling up their fleet over the past 5 years to their current impressive number of 31 vehicles now operating from hydrogen.

The final presentation was from Fred Knot at Alfa College who detailed some of the work his College has been involved in embedding hydrogen technology in their vocational training curriculum.  Fred also explained how the introduction of new technology has forced the school to rethink their educational programmes and gave a number of compelling examples.

A great deal of discussion was also had, allowing attendees the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers. The next steps were also discussed including creating a coalition between various schools, the Province of Drenthe, Groningen Airport Eelde, the Dutch Airforce and New Energy Coalition, to deliver a second fuel cell system/ hydrogen transportable to be deployed with a maximum value for human capital i.e. involving the students in the regional technical schools to carry out the work and study the GPU. So the legacy of HyTrEc2 will continue into the future with this project. Presentations from the workshop can be viewed here.

A launch event then took place with over 150 guests to see the unveiling of the GPU.  You can see the GPU Unveiling Video with Deputy Tjisse Stelpstra, Provincie Drenthe and Director of GAE, Meiltje de Groot from the link above.


(Top Photograph - Marike and Evite presenting)



Guests crowded around the GPU


Provincie Drenthe's HyTrEc2 Car on display


Aberdeenshire Council's Philip Smart investigating the GPU