Hydrogen Tour: Establishing synergies between the Stronghouse and HyTrEc2 projects

What steps are needed to further develop green hydrogen as a viable alternative to natural gas for home heating? To find more answers, the province of Drenthe together with the municipality of Hoogeveen.

On the 29th-30th of March 2023, the province of Drenthe together with the municipality of Hoogeveen are organising a two-day hydrogen-themed expedition in the northern Netherlands and Germany, within the context of the Interreg North Sea Region Stronghouse project. The tour will start and end in the city of Groningen.
In this hydrogen bus tour, participants will also have the opportunity to visit the Groningen Airport Eelde, where participants will receive an insider's look into the development of the converted hydrogen-powered ground power unit (H-GPU), which is being retrofitted as part of the HyTrEc2 project.

Partners of the Interreg North Sea Region HyTrEc2 project have also been invited to exchange knowledge on hydrogen and its various applications in sustainable housing.




What can participants of the Stronghouse and HyTrEc2 projects expect of this journey of H2 discovery?

  • Visit the hydrogen heated neighbourhood in Hoogeveen
  • Learn more at the hydrogen test hub EnTranCe - Centre of Expertise at Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • Listen to DNV, the energy transition experts
  • Be inspired by the New Energy Coalition and the first Hydrogen Valley in Europe
  • Hear how the Gasunie are developing a strategy for a national H2 network
  • Join us at Groningen Airport Eelde for the HyTrEc2 H2 GPU demonstration
  • See more in Bremerhaven - H2 production and storage for district heating
  • Establish synergies between likeminded hydrogen-related decarbonisation projects, strategies and initiatives