Groningen Wind Meets Gas October 2018

01 July 2019 - Published by Louise Napier
The 2018 symposium enables experts from oil and gas and renewables meet to discuss the energy future.

Highlights of the 2018 GMW Symposium were -partly due to the presence of high-level energy experts from the industry it was discussed that:


Acting fast to green energy both as a product and as a feedstock is key;

Hydrogen, either blue (i.e. within carbon from production stored), or green (from renewable energy) is probably the key energy carrier of the future that will enable a successful energy transition;


Fossil free hydrogen production therefore has to ramp up soon as well. The pilot phase is now done; over 100 GW electrolyser capacities and substantial multi megatonnes offshore CCS to enable blue hydrogen production will need to be started up at short notice;


The North of the Netherlands belongs to the regions within Europe with probably the best conditions in all respects to develop into one of the first hydrogen valleys of Europe; the offshore renewable power is there, storage facilities for gases are there, the energy knowlege is there, the chemical cluster, gas grid and local transport needs are there, and finally the spirit to work together on enabling a new hydrogen energy system is there.