Fuel Cells for Greener Transport Workshop – Tuesday 15.10.2019 at UIT the Arctic University of Norway

18 November 2019 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow
Narvik hosted a HyTrEc2 Hydrogen training workshop on the 15/10/2019.

As Hydrogen is still such a new and developing field there is a deficit of information; skills; and shared knowledge. HyTrEc2, and its precursor project HyTrEc, place a firm emphasis on addressing this void to ensure that the Hydrogen sector has the capacity to develop and thrive in the North Sea Region. The first call of HyTrEc project produced some training materials. HyTrEc2 aims to further develop the Hydrogen training available so that as the industry develops and matures, there will be a supply of skilled labour to match the expanding labour market demand.

In terms of training there are two distinct needs: there is a need across the board for a greater understanding, and a wide range of individuals who will need to attain far more specialised skills and knowledge. One aspect of HyTrEc2's training ambition is to provide a base level of understanding to a large range of decision makers: such as politicians, transport planners and the emergency services. Hydrogen's use in transport also needs to garner the support of the general public.

The other prong of HyTrEc2's training aims is to create the opportunity for individuals to become highly skilled in Hydrogen. A highly trained work force can give the NSR manufacturers of fuel cells, range extenders and hydrogen vehicles a strong competitive edge, which will allow the companies to expand production, which in turn can help reduce the costs of hydrogen transport: the industry's greatest cause of market failure. It is clear, that high level training is the key which unlocks the expansion of Hydrogen as a fuel of transport which is why HyTrEc2 is putting such a strong onus on the development of training courses.


The workshop, which was held in Norway in October, was the first definitive step of HyTrEc2's roll out of high skilled training. This seminal workshop covered the main issues pertaining to Hydrogen for transport and the basics of fuel cell vehicles. The daylong workshop inspired the attendees to envisage a different future for transport and instilled a great appreciation of the most abundant element in the universe. After the success of this event, it is anticipated that UIT will be providing the workshop on an annual basis from their campus, and hope to replicate this session in the other HyTrEc2 partner countries.