New report for North Sea Region

17 November 2022 - Published by Kraftvaerk
RISE has completed work on the business case and economic modelling for green hydrogen production drawing together the various business cases for green hydrogen that HyTrEc2 partners have implemented in their regions.

HyTrEc2 Partner, RISE, has now completed a large study investigating how the cost-efficiency of the production and distribution of green hydrogen and the operation of hydrogen refuelling stations can be improved.

This detailed report has considers how to optimise the business case for green hydrogen by alternative revenue sources for hydrogen production and refuelling stations. The report describes the theory behind how production and distribution of hydrogen can be optimised, giving examples that explore different aspects of hydrogen production, distribution and refuelling stations, including:

- Localised vs. Centralised production of Hydrogen

- Large-Scale Hydrogen Production with Off-shore Wind

- Hydrogen Refuelling Station with Green Hydrogen Production and Additional Revenues

- Hydrogen Production from Variable Renewable Electricity Only


This report will be of interest to anyone across the North Sea Region who is developing a Hydrogen Strategy and considering how to practically deploy hydrogen refuelling with connections to renewable power sources, proximity of hydrogen offtakers and proximity of potential ancillary uses, such as oxygen, and scale of deployment.  Practical examples are also given from the HyTrEc2 partners with a "lessons learned" section illustrating the difference between theory and practical application. 

RISE Business Case and Economic Modelling for Green Hydrogen Production