atene KOM HyTrEc2 Skills Framework

As a rapidly emerging opportunity, it understandable that to date, the hydrogen industry has centred its measures of success on technological and economic factors. These will remain important as they arrange interest, investment, and growth as efforts continue to create a viable and cost-effective energy alternative. Just as critical, though, is the human element. These are the competency skills that drive success and help analyse gaps in knowledge and know-how and identify opportunities for expansion. It is important to note that a competent workforce will also provide positive public acceptance.

Whilst some references have been made about skills and workforce requirements within the multitude of strategic documents and conferences around across the EU, ensuring the right skills are available in the right place at the right time has been largely neglected. International research has offered little in terms of hydrogen-related career paths or the workforce intelligence that this emerging industry will need to accelerate its development.

A key aspect of strengthening the hydrogen supply chain and providing training content is understanding the current situation – and this is what the atene KOM HyTrEc2 Skills Framework aimed to achieve.

The HyTrEc2 skills framework is currently supporting in the development of further hydrogen training moving forward, noting what is available, what is needed, and from whom. The report also contains a sample module, which shall serve as the basis for the HyTrEc2 Training Modules; these modules are to be developed at Technician Level and above to create a skilled labour force in the realm of hydrogen. The training needs in the NSR are varied according to different target groups and it is important that a flexible approach to training is introduced.

More about atene KOM

atene Kom is a German consultancy firm that works in tandem with the public sector on large-scale projects. atene KOM focuses on bringing future technologies and infrastructure into rural areas. atene Kom has thirteen years’ experience in marketing, organising workshops, delivering training modules and project communication. In addition, they have unique hydrogen experience across Germany ranging from exploring nifty hydrogen storage solutions in Berlin to hydrogen production from water treatment along the river Emscher.