1st year of service for the fuel cell waste truck in Groningen

01 February 2022 - Published by Rachael Goodfellow

HyTrEc2 had a special anniversary recently. January marked a full year in service for the rear-end-loader hydrogen waste truck in Groningen. The red beauty was developed by E-Trucks, and is powered by a 30kW Fuel Cell, meaning that the vehicle runs exclusively off hydrogen.



{hydrogen waste truck navigates streets lined with bicycles in Groningen}

As Groningen has a ready supply of green hydrogen this means there is no carbon emissions well-to-wheel, ensuring that cleaning the streets does not dirty the air! The deployment of this zero-emission hydrogen refuse trucks has contributed towards Groningen's ambitious emissions targets: The City aims to be energy neutral by 2035. 



{sun shining off solar panels which provide energy to create green hydrogen at the Groningen Hydrogen Refuelling Station, hydrogen car refuelling in foreground}