Train the Trainer Day in Horsens (DK)

12 May 2022 - Published by Els Delaere
On the 6th of April, a training session took place in Horsens, Denmark. In total, the partnership of Growin 4.0 identified 10 tools to support companies into the transition towards Industry 4.0. 4 of them were developed especially for this project by Hanze University, Anglia Ruskin University and VIA. During this training day, which was both live and streamed, trainers from all European participating regions could attend, with the view of using the tools in their daily business of supporting companies

The programme

Click on the link to find the tool demonstrations :

9.00 - 9.30: General presentation of the project results

9.30 - 10.15: Benefits Identification
This tool is aimed at helping firms identify the benefits, the dis-benefits, and business challenges they might anticipate from adoption of new technology.
This tool helps key members of your team examine what different technologies do, linking them to identifiable benefits, implications these technologies would have in other areas, and the requirements for other actions like training, and task restructuring. The relationships between technology enablers, business changes, benefits and organisational objectives are mapped visually to foster further discussion.

10.30-12.00: Transition Workshop
The transition workshop stimulates a mindset of change with focus on the future of Industry 4.0. The workshop is targeted at production workers, seniors or leaders in production, marketing and sales, and strategic executive management. By giving attention and acknowledging the individual fear for change, anxiety for the new can be overcome and resistance to change reduced. In the workshop the perspective is on the future and showing the bigger picture of businesses with a need to thrive in industry 4.0.

13.00-13.45: HR 4.0 tool
This online survey tool provides an automatically generated report showing how your employees perceive the future in terms of Industry 4.0, competencies within the business, what competencies will change in the near future, and how 'smart' your company already is.
The insights that could arise from this are, as an example, the re-training and education of personnel, the further development of soft skills or the learning of the English language, because this will become more important. By learning about this now, you and your colleagues can better prepared for the future.

14.00-15.30: Industry 4.0 Ideation Camp
VIA University College Ideation camp is a way to formalise project management in SMEs. It describes 14 steps in 3 phases (before - during - after) and has proven to be very successful in SMEs.
This tool helps businesses ensure an innovation project is aligned to their knowledge level (digital maturity) and company expectations.