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Updates on our latest Interregional Meetings, May 2019 in Ghent:

85 tool tests executed in 5 countries!

Company visits at interregional meeting Ghent 

Benefits identification workshop


Representatives of all work packages and regions gather to make selection of tools to be used

05 September 2018

In July we had a meeting with representatives of all work packages and regions in Cambridge. The goal was to discuss the tools and methods collected in the different regions and make a selection of th…

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Flanders local stakeholders meet twice in 2018

05 September 2018

The Flemish partners in the GrowIn 4.0 project invited local stakeholders twice this year. The first time to the fair 'Advanced Engineering' on 17th of May. The second time at the event 'Maakindustrie…

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First Local Stakeholder meeting in Central Denmark Region

22 October 2018

Thursday the 27th of September, Central Denmark Region held its first local stakeholder meeting. The focus was on updates on each work package in the project, but also on the Industry 4.0 agenda and c…

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Our desk study is out!

16 January 2019

This desk study reports on the drivers of and barriers to the adoption and exploitation of Industry 4.0 technology by industrial SMEs.

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Video shows why you should join our interregional meetings

26 March 2019

Why would a stakeholder take the trouble of attending a GrowIn 4.0 meeting abroad? This video shows it!

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Tool testing: 85 tests done in 5 countries

13 June 2019

At our interregional meeting in Ghent a summary was made of the tool testing, round 1. In total, 85 tests were executed by the partners in the 5 participating countries.

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Transition Workshop: Soft skills are crucial to enable industry 4.0 strategies

07 August 2019

The Fourth Industrial revolution is underway - transforming economies, jobs and society itself. The top three challenges for the transition to industry 4.0 are dealing with lack of strategic imperativ…

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Good practice reports: existing tools and methods in the North Sea Region

08 August 2019

Many interesting tools have already been developed in the participating countries. Our first step was to assemble these and bring them to the table to discuss their merits and possible improvements.

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East-Flanders stakeholders impressed with 'Coolbox' Sioen

25 September 2019

On the 5th of September 2019, Voka took a delegation of companies to visit Sioen Industries. Sioen is world market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel. They are based in Ardooie,…

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Voka & Hanze test Big Data Game and Transition Workshop

07 October 2019

Hanze University professors Trienke Drijfhout and Marike Peterzon introduced two of the GrowIn 4.0 tools to East-Flanders companies at the Voka Box, Ghent.

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