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Ideation camp available here! 

Transition Industry 4.0 Workshop available here! 

Succesful implementation of GrowIn 4.0 tools in Danish SME HB Products

Manufacturing companies: use the lessons learned from the corona lockdown

How Industry 4.0 can help fight corona 

Ostfalia I4.0 Catalog - demonstrators of Industry 4.0 technologies

Brochure in German about GROWIN 4.0 – Unterstützungsangebote für die Digitalisierung regionaler KMU

01 June 2021

Allianz für die Region and Ostfalia UAS jointly created a project brochure in German language for the dissemination of their joint project activities. It contains brief information on regionally teste…

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Title: Fostering synergies among European projects

31 May 2021

Join the “Integrated Digital Transformation: Joint conference of Interreg projects”, hosted by atene KOM GmbH in cooperation with various Interreg Projects, on June 2nd from 10:00-15:00 CET.

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Project Dissemination through Publication by Dr Javaid Butt, Associate Professor in Digital Manufacturing at the Anglia Ruskin University

18 January 2021

3 papers about key themes in Industry 4.0 : additive manufacturing, new process chains and integrated business process management

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Successful ‘Digital Flashlights’ event in Brunswick, Germany

23 November 2020

On October 6th 2020, manufacturing SMEs were invited by Allianz für die Region GmbH and Ostfalia University to an Industry 4.0 informative event. Dr.-Ing. Gerrit Posselt, founder and managing directo…

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Implementation of GrowIn 4.0 tools with HB Producs (DK)

26 June 2020

VIA University College implemented GrowIn 4.0 tools with the Danish SME HB Products.

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Are manufacturers ready to embed the lessons from Covid-19 lockdown?

12 May 2020

When the Covid-19 crisis is over and industry goes back to work, should companies simply return to business as usual? Maybe, but not necessarily. The GrowIn 4.0 team believes that manufacturers should…

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I4.0 catalog available now!

24 April 2020

This catalog is intended to illustrate the potential of digitization measures and also to encourage interested companies to have a look at the technologies in use and to talk about cooperation opportu…

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Impression of our interregional meeting in Ghent, May 2019

24 April 2020

On the occasion of an interregional meeting, the representatives also visit a exemplary company. In Flanders, we visited 'factory of the future' Nuscience, and the Make Lab by Flanders Make.


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Peterborough interregional meeting

23 April 2020

November 4 to 6, the partners in the GrowIn 4.0 project gathered in Peterborough (England).

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Additive manufacturing supports healthcare in times of COVID-19

23 April 2020

Additive manufacturing experts, designers and providers are responding to the global crisis by volunteering their respective skills. They help ease the pressure on supply chains, governments and the h…

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