Better use of technology and development of products

The objective of this work package is in particular to transfer experience with I4.0 technologies between knowledge institutions and SMEs, and between SMEs.

This is necessary in many respects. For small and medium-sized enterprises, the risk is particularly high to use new technologies without having any experience with them. On the other hand, it is indispensable for the competitor to remain technologically at a progressive level.



  • A desk study to identify I4.0 technology drivers for manufacturing SMEs that have an impact on processes, equipment and products.
  • Gathering of best practices regarding tools and methods to enhance innovation processes and technology transfer towards I4.0, and/or collaboration between knowledge institutions and SMEs
  • Develop, test and evaluate concepts for technology transfer to SMEs
  • Develop phase models for the design and implementation of I4.0 solutions
  • Develop a collection of methods, tools and concepts that can be disseminated to relevant target groups
  • Definition and measurement of Key Performance Indicators to assess and compare success of introducing I4.0 solutions to SMEs


Project partners

The responsible partner is Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences. AfdR, ARU, VIA and Ostfalia will mainly be responsible for the tasks. All project partners will be involved in identifying relevant tools and methods.

Knowledge institutions and practitioners will be involved in testing.


Good practice report 

The project partners have gathered good practices in all regions. Read the report here!