New business models and strategy development

The objective of this work package is to strengthen the business strategies and business models of manufacturing SMEs in the context of the opportunities and challenges of I4.0.

This is an important precursor that will enable SMEs to assess, improve and adapt their innovation strategy. It will also help them understand how to align their capabilities to their market environment and which aspects of I4.0 will be important for sustaining their competitive advantage.


  • A desk study on the drivers and obstacles for I4.0 of manufacturing SMEs in NSR
  • Gather best practice tools, methods and concepts on the I4.0 area through profound knowledge and experience exchange between
    partners regarding business models and strategy
  • Development and testing of a new I4.0 assessment tool, which will allow a fast understanding of an SMEs ability to adopt and implement succesful I4.0 methods in its strategy and business model.
  • Development and testing of strategy and suitable business models tools for manufacturing SMEs in NSR Dissemination of a new collection of tools on business models suitable for I4.0 SMEs - disseminated to relevant business support organisations, knowledge institution and SMEs


Project partners

Anglia Ruskin University is the responsible partner. ARU, TWI and VIA will have the main responsibility for the tasks. All
project partners will be involved in identifying relevant tools and methods.

Knowledge institutions and practitioners will be involved in testing.


Good practice report 

The project partners have gathered good practices in all regions. Read the report here!