Output Library

Welcome to the GEANS Output Library. Here you will find our presentations and published documents related to the project.


You can also explore content on our new GEANS output website at geans.eu.



Stories & Fact Sheets:

1. eDNA supplements scuba diver observations in hard substrate monitoring

2. A curated SEQUENCE LIBRARY: the fundament of all DNA-based monitoring

3. DNA-based impact monitoring: the case of sand extraction in Belgium

4. Monitoring of non-indigenous species in ports and shipping lanes

GEANS Protocols:

1. Laboratory protocol for DNA metabarcoding of soft sediment macrobenthos from the North Sea


GEANS Articles/Publications:

1. Autonomous eDNA sampling for zero impact biodiversity monitoring

2. Detection of Macrobenthos Species With Metabarcoding Is Consistent in Bulk DNA but Dependent on Body Size and Sclerotization in eDNA From the Ethanol Preservative 

3. Towards harmonization of DNA metabarcoding for monitoring marine macrobenthos: the effect of technical replicates and pooled DNA extractions on species detection  

4. Environmental DNA Monitoring of Biodiversity Hotspots in Danish Marine Waters  


Presentations of first stakeholder event 15 March (Ostend):

1. GEANS: An Overview

2. GEANS: DNA Barcode Reference (WP3)

3. GEANS: Harmonisation of DNA-based Methods (WP4)

4. GEANS: Pilot Studies (WP5)

5. GEANS: Translation of Science into Products (WP6)


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