We want to hear your views, so engage with us on our GEANS questionnaire

11 March 2021 - Published by Nele Jacobs
Technology is moving at a fast pace for monitoring and assessment of benthic systems. Under the GEANS programme we are very excited with the current developments, methods and ongoing case studies. However, as we advance our current knowledge, we wish to hear your views.


We would like you to tell us, what are your current needs for this type of DNA- information, do you need targeted details (e.g. costs, methods reference collections)?  The GEANS project has also developed several examples and have tested different ways to apply DNA techniques, so we wish to capture how you as a stakeholder will benefit from knowing more about these approaches and could inform your future benthic monitoring? 


The GEANS team have designed a simple questionnaire to canvas your interest and needs in this exciting area of research. We will be grateful if you could complete (the overall set of questions will take you no more than 9 minutes of your time!) and let us know what type of information and products will help you to make decisions on this journey!


Please follow the link to this survey:


We will appreciate if you could complete by 2nd April 2021.