View videos from GEANS final event webinar

01 August 2023 - Published by Nele Jacobs
On June 27th, GEANS scientists presented results, products and recommendations generated during the course of the project.

Presentations and video recordings of that webinar are now available at Presentations | GEANS.

VIDEO 1: GEANS pilots- Main findings and recommendations for using DNA-based methods in marine environmental monitoring - Sofie Derycke (ILVO)

VIDEO 2 GEANS products helping to improve molecular marine environmental monitoring in the North Sea region – Reindert Nijland (WUR)/Magdalini Christodoulou (Senckenberg/OOELKG)

Video 3: Next steps towards implementation of DNA-based methods - Annelies De Backer (ILVO)

Video 4: Pitch presentation on Horizon Europe project OBAMA-NEXT - Peter Stæhr (Aarhus University)

! A click on the text will take you to the presentation PDF – a click on the privacy shield button takes you to the video.