‘Swinging’ partner meeting in Gothenburg

30 October 2019 - Published by Nele Jacobs
On October 8th and 9th, the GEANS team met in Gothenburg for the second partner meeting. The aim was to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


Every 6 months, the project partners of GEANS meet to present and discuss the progress of the project and to plan next steps. This time, the partner meeting was hosted by SeAnalytics in the Wallenberg Conference Centre of Gothenburg University in Sweden.

The WP leaders gave a presentation on their WP progress to get an overview of where we are at in the project. In the first 6 months, we have compiled a target species list for which sequence data is missing; three pilots (hard substrate, soft sediment and NIS) have been initiated, and generic recommendations to start harmonizing protocols were agreed on.

Furthermore, we had lots of interesting discussions among the partners in order to further harmonize DNA-based methods and the assure their ‘proof of concept’ and adoption. Finally, we agreed on the actions for the next 6 months. The next partner meeting will be held in March 2020 at Naturalis in Leiden (The Netherlands).