GEANS topics covered in lectures at Wageningen University

06 February 2020 - Published by Nele Jacobs
An important aspect of the GEANS project is the training of the new generation of marine ecologists. Therefore, the topic of DNA metabarcoding was presented in a newly developed MSc course at Wageningen University.


The course Advanced Molecular Ecology was organised by GEANS participant Reindert Nijland (Marine Animal Ecology group, Wageningen University). Twelve students in the final phase of their MSc or at the start of their PhD thesis were trained in the various aspects of Molecular Ecology, ranging from microbiome analysis, population genomics, landscape genomics, DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatic analysis of genomic data.


Among the topics covered, a lecture and associated tutorial were dedicated to the use of DNA metabarcoding for biodiversity assessment. In this context, the GEANS project was used as an example of current developments in this exciting field! Special emphasis was placed on the potential pitfalls and biases that can be introduced in such a workflow. Furthermore, the need for standardization and harmonisation of protocols within and across experimental design was carefully covered. Both topics are fundamental to the joint approach in North Sea benthos biodiversity assessment of all partners in GEANS, and as an extension, in the workflow of future marine ecologists working in the North Sea Region.