GEANS Stories and Fact Sheets

29 October 2021 - Published by Nele Jacobs
How can DNA-based methods facilitate marine monitoring? GEANS showcases stories and facts in digital leaflet series.


As DNA-based monitoring methods become more and more accessible and reliable, they are embraced and applied by the scientific community. But for stakeholders such as policymakers, government advisors and industry, it is often still unclear in what cases they can or cannot be applied, and what the whole process entails. For that reason, GEANS partners are developing a series of concise and attractive leaflets about specific cases – the GEANS stories-, and about methods and products – the GEANS fact sheets. Stakeholders with specific questions can browse through the leaflets and follow the cross-references for additional information. Follow this link to the available leaflets. New leaflets will be added as the project progresses.