GEANS releases fully validated laboratory protocol

14 September 2021 - Published by Nele Jacobs
DNA metabarcoding of soft sediment macrobenthos from the North Sea: how do you even begin? GEANS scientists created a detailed lab protocol.


The described protocol uses organismal DNA and is based on results of two pilot tests conducted by ILVO. Macrobenthos from the Belgian part of the North Sea was  morphologically identified prior to molecular processing. The molecular lab protocol includes guidelines to prevent contamination and step-by-step information to conduct blending, DNA extraction, amplification of the COI gene and library preparation for next generation sequencing . The protocol was cross-validated by partners Senckenberg, Naturalis and Aarhus University, and made publicly available at laboratory-protocol-for-dna-metabarcoding-of-soft-sediment-macrobenthos-from-the-north-sea.pdf ( Looking forward to citations!