GEANS 5th newsletter

06 July 2022 - Published by Nele Jacobs
GEANS has made good progress in the last six months.

The GEANS reference library has further grown to include curated and validated sequences of 713 North Sea species. The lab protocol for DNA metabarcoding of soft sediment benthos has been cross-validated by different labs around the North Sea  (transnational ring test) and showed to be highly repeatable and robust, which is very promising for wide applicability at regional level. Now, we are further testing robustness and reproducability of bio-informatic processing, as well as the use of different sequencing platforms. Several of our pilot projects are nearing completion and we calculated that DNA-based methods proved to be between 45 and 91%  faster and 27 to 57% cheaper compared to conventional methods, while accuracy at species level increased and as such new introduced Non Indigenous Species could be detected.

GEANS has also continued working hard on compiling and disseminating project results, with the launch of our new website, publication of two new papers, several presentations on pilot results and the design of new stories and fact sheets. These are available for fellow scientists and stakeholders and can be discovered in this newsletter. 

Enjoy the read!

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