GEANS 4th Newsletter

30 November 2021 - Published by Kraftvaerk
This is the fourth GEANS Newsletter:


During the last six months, a lot has been going on within GEANS. The most important news is the extension of the project, enabling GEANS to run more pilots, to increase the effort to expand the reference library in numbers and quality and to further harmonise both at the level of the lab analyses and the wider bio-informatics. The new pilots focus on the application of eDNA mediated monitoring in offshore wind energy, ecosystem restoration and non-indigenous species, which will be quite a challenge but one were are very much looking forward to. This work will be supported by new GEANS scientists: Rune Lagaisse from VLIZ, Carolien Uhlir from Senckenberg and Amalia Mailli from Nord University. We are very happy that they joined our team!


GEANS has also been working hard on compiling and disseminating project results, with a paper investigating the detection of macrobenthos species from both bulk DNA and eDNA from the ethanol preservative, publication of a validated laboratory protocol for metabarcoding of soft sediment macrobenthos, presentation on pilot results and the design of a series of stories and fact sheets. These are available for fellow scientists and stakeholders, respectively. New stories and fact sheets will be published as they come available.


Enjoy the read!


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