GEANS 3rd Newsletter

18 March 2021 - Published by Kraftvaerk
Although the last year has been really challenging due to COVID-restrictions, GEANS has made great progress:


We are proud to present two papers: one critically reviews the recent methods used for metabarcoding of marine bulk samples and indicates how potential biases can be introduced throughout the process, and the other presents the wider ARMS network and a common set of standards for field sampling, genetic analysis, data management, and legal compliance. The reference library has made a tremendous jump and now contains 3442 North Sea specimens, and 3584 sequences of 585 species! We designed a ringtest to increase our understanding of reproducibility and robustness of metabarcoding results. Different partners have processed identical samples both following an identical protocol and a protocol with small changes in certain steps. Preliminary results on reproducibility look very promising!


Our three main pilots are operational and are running in close contact with stakeholders. In order to further engage and consult a wide stakeholder public, a questionnaire has been broadcasted to even better take stock of the needs and wishes of our target group. Go to the questionnaire and tell us what you need!


Enjoy the read!


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