Expanding the GEANS network

16 December 2019 - Published by Nele Jacobs
Since the start of the project, GEANS–partners have presented the project to stakeholders and fellow scientists at least 27 times. Most recently, GEANS scientists at Senckenberg put GEANS in the spotlight during the 5th Taxonomic Macrozoobenthos Workshop and the DACH-UMG - Conference for DNA methods and environmental management.


The 5th Taxonomic Macrozoobenthos-Workshop (Nov. 2019 in Wilhelmshaven) aimed to bring together people working in various institutions/universities/agencies/companies of Germany and are involved in the biological monitoring of the North Sea and Baltic Sea. More than 46 people attended the workshop belonging to 25 different institutions/universities/agencies/companies of Germany.  The aim of this workshop was to update the people in the new information on the species taxonomy, invasive species and methodology for monitoring the two Seas. People discussed the taxonomic problems they are facing due to nomenclature, or confusion in morphological identifications. GEANS scientist Pedro Martinez Arbizu introduced GEANS by means of a very positively received presentation. The scientists agreed to organize a taxonomic workshop aiming to the North Sea only, where specific issues will be addressed and the progress of GEANS will be presented.


The DACH-UGM - Fachtagung für DNA Methoden im Umweltmanagement  (Dec. 2019 in Innsbruck)  aims to exchange information and knowledge in DNA methods for the environmental monitoring covering both terrestrial and marine habitats, and both animals and plants. More than 150 people attended from various institutions/universities/ agencies/companies. Magadalini Christodoulou gave a presentation where she introduced GEANS.