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11 March 2021

Technology is moving at a fast pace for monitoring and assessment of benthic systems. Under the GEANS programme we are very excited with the current developments, methods and ongoing case studies. How…

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Our GEANS researchers showcase new skills of online communication

08 March 2021

After a year of COVID restrictions, we have all discovered that online meetings and presentations require a different tack than “normal” presentations. GEANS researchers have discovered new tools and …

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GEANS proud to be part of ARMS-MBON – a new network for genetic monitoring and early detection of non-indigenous marine species

03 December 2020

A 130 Autonomous Reef Monitoring structures (ARMS) form a global network that monitors changes in hard-bottom habitats. Curious? Read the new publication, watch the video and contact lead author and G…

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GEANS video runner-up in the North Sea video contest

17 November 2020

During the multimedia part of the North Sea Conference on 10 November, the two winners and runners up of the third North Sea Region video competition for ongoing projects were revealed.

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Expanding the library, harmonizing protocols, involving stakeholders: GEANS is pushing forward

06 October 2020

Even in times when travelling is not evident, it remains important to share and discuss project progress. Recently, GEANS scientists had two half days (22 September and 1 October) of online partner me…

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New GEANS publication: ‘Biases in bulk: DNA metabarcoding of marine communities and the methodology involved’

18 August 2020

DNA metabarcoding of bulk samples is increasingly implemented in ecosystem assessments and is more cost‐efficient and less time‐consuming than monitoring based on morphology. However, before raw seque…

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Phase 2 of GEANS completed: highlights of main achievements

30 June 2020

Three running metabarcoding pilots, a DNA-library with sequences of 20% of the key North Sea Species and a review paper on methods and protocols: read more about the achievements of our partners in th…

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GEANS 2nd Newsletter

21 April 2020

One year after the kick-off, GEANS partners present their achievements:

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GEANS video launch!

18 March 2020

The @NorthSeaRegionsProgramme GEANS aims to monitor seabeds in the North Sea more accurately and efficiently by DNA barcoding. Instead of the time-consuming manual identifications that are common now,…

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GEANS extending North Sea network for DNA-based detection of non-indigenous species along the Swedish West coast

11 February 2020

GEANS partner SeAnalytics deployed the first DNA-based autonomous monitoring system along the Swedish West coast

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