Dedicated output website of the GEANS project

29 November 2023

GEANS partners developed an output website at the end of the project. It provides an easy-to-use overview of the available GEANS products in a well-organised way.

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GEANS project completed – highlights of main achievements

29 November 2023

A DNA sequence reference library for North Sea species, execution of several pilot each with a summarising pilot report, standardised protocols and a decision support tool: read more about the main GE…

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View videos from GEANS final event webinar

01 August 2023

On June 27th, GEANS scientists presented results, products and recommendations generated during the course of the project.

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New GEANS video: Phd research within the sand extraction pilot explained

19 June 2023

The bottom of the North Sea is not only full of sand, but also full of life, such as crabs, starfish, worms, snails, .... But what impact do humans have, for example through sand extraction, on all th…

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New publication on methods comparison

06 April 2023

A Danish case study covering six major harbors confirms the potential of metabarcoding as a cost-effective monitoring tool for non-indigenous species.

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Save the date - GEANS Final event – Online lunch meeting Improving marine environmental monitoring through application of DNA-based methods 27 June 2023 (12:30 – 13:45 CET)

24 March 2023

GEANS strived to harmonise DNA-based tools for routine monitoring programs conducted in support of policy and decision making concerning marine ecosystem health. Are you interested in how DNA-based to…

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Help the GEANS consortium to harmonize analytical approaches and data storage!

10 February 2023

As part of GEANS project, we aim to harmonize and consolidate existing genetic tools and methods throughout the whole genetic workflow, from field and lab protocols to analytics and data storage.

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Stakeholders are ready to start using DNA-based monitoring methods

10 November 2022

In the final stages of GEANS, it is of the utmost importance to be in line with stakeholders’ expectations and needs. During a hybrid stakeholder workshop on Oct 26th, it was clear that scientists and…

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Save the date - GEANS Stakeholder workshop Advances in DNA-based methods for marine management questions 26 October 2022 (9:30 – 13:00 CET)

13 September 2022

Are you involved in ecosystem health management or responsible for setting out environmental impact assessments or commissioning tenders? Are you interested what the possibilities of DNA-based monitor…

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GEANS 5th newsletter

06 July 2022

GEANS has made good progress in the last six months.

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