Stakeholders are ready to start using DNA-based monitoring methods

10 November 2022

In the final stages of GEANS, it is of the utmost importance to be in line with stakeholders’ expectations and needs. During a hybrid stakeholder workshop on Oct 26th, it was clear that scientists and…

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Save the date - GEANS Stakeholder workshop Advances in DNA-based methods for marine management questions 26 October 2022 (9:30 – 13:00 CET)

13 September 2022

Are you involved in ecosystem health management or responsible for setting out environmental impact assessments or commissioning tenders? Are you interested what the possibilities of DNA-based monitor…

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GEANS 5th newsletter

06 July 2022

GEANS has made good progress in the last six months.

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Monitoring hard-bottom communities: the podcast

13 June 2022

Autonomous Reef Monitoring Structures or ARMS are proving to be excellent monitoring tools for hard-bottom communities, especially in combination with genetic identification techniques.

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Launch of!

15 March 2022

The GEANS project is now in a stage where results are being published, and protocols and guidelines are being drafted. To facilitate the transfer of this knowledge towards stakeholders, the partners d…

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Discover two new GEANS publications

21 January 2022

GEANS scientists are still working on methodology and harmonization, but we are also applying our methods in several pilots and case studies. This is nicely illustrated by two recently published paper…

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GEANS 4th Newsletter

30 November 2021

This is the fourth GEANS Newsletter:

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GEANS paper on detection of macrobenthos species with metabarcoding: bulk DNA vs. eDNA from samples in ethanol preservative

16 November 2021

DNA metabarcoding can be applied as a quick screening of the bentic biodiversity in a large number of samples. Certain protocol choices could however influence the detection success.

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GEANS Stories and Fact Sheets

29 October 2021

How can DNA-based methods facilitate marine monitoring? GEANS showcases stories and facts in digital leaflet series.

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