Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region (GEANS)

The quality of the seafloor habitat is an important barometer for marine ecosystem health. In order to accurately measure the quality, GEANS will mainstream implementation of fast, accurate and cost-effective DNA-based assessments. This will enable national authorities to improve the management of human activities and protection of the marine environment across the North Sea Region in a transnational coherent way. GEANS will conduct pilot studies concerning environmental impact assessments (renewable energy, aquaculture and sand extraction and suppletion), and concerning monitoring in relation to European directives (non-indigenous species and hard substrates). These pilots will be conducted in close cooperation with stakeholders.



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GEANS 4th Newsletter

30 November 2021

This is the fourth GEANS Newsletter:

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GEANS paper on detection of macrobenthos species with metabarcoding: bulk DNA vs. eDNA from samples in ethanol preservative

16 November 2021

DNA metabarcoding can be applied as a quick screening of the bentic biodiversity in a large number of samples. Certain protocol choices could however …

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GEANS Stories and Fact Sheets

29 October 2021

How can DNA-based methods facilitate marine monitoring? GEANS showcases stories and facts in digital leaflet series.

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GEANS makes a leap in DNA based monitoring, with autonomous eDNA sampling

01 October 2021

DNA-based monitoring is cost- and time-saving, but animals are still removed from their habitat. Within the GEANS extension, the potential of eDNA (DN…

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GEANS extension

30 September 2021

GEANS applied for an extension under call 12, and our request got approved! GEANS will now run until June 2023. The extension expands GEANS in two dir…

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