Genetic tools for Ecosystem health Assessment in the North Sea region (GEANS)

The quality of the seafloor habitat is an important barometer for marine ecosystem health. In order to accurately measure the quality, GEANS will mainstream implementation of fast, accurate and cost-effective DNA-based assessments. This will enable national authorities to improve the management of human activities and protection of the marine environment across the North Sea Region in a transnational coherent way. GEANS will conduct pilot studies concerning environmental impact assessments (renewable energy, aquaculture and sand extraction and suppletion), and concerning monitoring in relation to European directives (non-indigenous species and hard substrates). These pilots will be conducted in close cooperation with stakeholders.



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GEANS 3rd Newsletter

18 March 2021

Although the last year has been really challenging due to COVID-restrictions, GEANS has made great progress:

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We want to hear your views, so engage with us on our GEANS questionnaire

11 March 2021

Technology is moving at a fast pace for monitoring and assessment of benthic systems. Under the GEANS programme we are very excited with the current d…

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Our GEANS researchers showcase new skills of online communication

08 March 2021

After a year of COVID restrictions, we have all discovered that online meetings and presentations require a different tack than “normal” presentations…

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GEANS proud to be part of ARMS-MBON – a new network for genetic monitoring and early detection of non-indigenous marine species

03 December 2020

A 130 Autonomous Reef Monitoring structures (ARMS) form a global network that monitors changes in hard-bottom habitats. Curious? Read the new publicat…

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GEANS video runner-up in the North Sea video contest

17 November 2020

During the multimedia part of the North Sea Conference on 10 November, the two winners and runners up of the third North Sea Region video competition …

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