G-PaTRA Workshop in Aberdeen, Scotland 14th-15th May

29 May 2019 - Published by Lyndsay Bloice

Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland, were hosts for the recent G-PaTRA workshop on Innovation Capture and Transfer at the Garthdee Campus' "Innovation Station" hub.

Twenty four G-PaTRA project partners and guests visited sunny Aberdeen to discuss: their Lighthouse Projects; how to share innovations internally within the project group; how to share and foster transnational working outwith the group; and how to measure the impact of the G-PaTRA outputs and deliverables.

Day One saw the group give updates on the plans for future workshops and the progress of their Lighthouse Projects. Firstly, Lovise Johanne Sæter talked through the plans for the next G-PaTRA meeting in September 2019 in Norway; and Christoph Lahner and Timm Jacobsen discussed the Germany workshop and Lighthouse Projects. Lastly, Niels Agerholm from Aalborg University presented on the progress with rural village buses which will operate in three villages in the South of Denmark.

The day continued with a presentation on the aims and objectives of WP5 - Innovation Capture and Transfer - and a teamwork session comprised of transnational members to share experiences from the Lighthouse Projects. Next, partners were guided through the preparation of an elevator pitch - and were given opportunity to pitch their Lighthouse Project to other G-PaTRA group members.


Day two started with a feedback session on the previous day activities, further work on the elevator pitch, but this time for an external audience, and filming of pitches to camera. It is hoped some of these pitch videos will be available on our website, social media channels and YouTube channel in the near future.

The final session of the workshop was run by David Gray of Robert Gordon University and related to an idea for Innovation Disruption measurement and how that may relate to the G-PaTRA innovations.