Two Interreg projects join forces

07 March 2019 - Published by Lyndsay Bloice
G-PaTRA and the Like! project ran a workshop together and find clear synergies between their aims

Two Interreg projects - Like! and G-PaTRA - held a very successful workshop for citizens in the Hammer Bakker area (north of Aalborg) with the purpose of innovating digital tools to arrange transport in rural areas. Like! was facilitator and set up the workshop for citizens, while G-PaTRA provided inspiration about the need for a change in transport modes and the potential benefits for the users.

At the event, Niels Agerholm from Aalborg University (and G-PaTRA project member) gave a talk about transport and Stine Skaarenborg from PrimusMotor ApS guided the participants through creative exercises. Participants of all ages came up with many digital ideas, which could support a cleaner transport and better livability in the area.

In the rural region Hammer Bakker outside Aalborg in North Denmark, a gap in transportation opportunities has been identified. In some areas the only form of transportation is private car. Innovating digital tools can provide new opportunities to arrange transport in rural areas, which are more flexible, attractive and cleaner than traditional rural transportation.

The two Interreg projects have found clear synergies and have decided to cooperate locally. The Like! project is working towards building a local digital innovation culture and asks: How can we use digital improvements to innovate our public service delivery? How can we incorporate collected data for innovative solutions for regions/municipalities? And how will this all contribute to the citizen’s perspective on public service delivery? More information about this Interreg project is available on their webpages here.

More information and pictures from the event are available here.