Hydrogen value chain for the West Coast of Norway conference - video (NOR) and description (ENG)

07 July 2020 - Published by Lyndsay Bloice

We now have an English description of a hydrogen conference which took place in Norway late last year (linked video in Norwegian only).

The hydrogen conference brought together interested parties to explore the opportunities and barriers for starting a hydrogen value chain for the West Coast of Norway.

A network was formed with the county councils of the West Coast - Møre and Romsdal (G-PaTRA partner), Vestland, and Rogaland county councils - as a response to similar challenges for transport in the area. 


Many of the same challenges for transport exist across these county council areas, with mountains and fjords and increased use of ferries and speed boats for passenger and car transport, together with widely  spread-out settlements and a strong maritime industry.

At the conference several different hydrogen projects were presented and the audience included a mix of: regional and local politicians; administration employees at municipalities and county councils; some national politicians; relevant business people; consultants; boat/vessel builders; electricity companies; and so on. There were around 100 - 130 attendees in total.

An important part of the event was the discussion panel and questions from the audience, with the aim to point out what the national government could do to help speeding up a hydrogen value chain, both with support and regulations.

You can watch the video from the event (Norwegian only) here: