Green hydrogen production in Norway

25 November 2021 - Published by Lyndsay Bloice

G-PaTRA partners Møre and Romsdal County Council, Smøla Business and Culture Centre, and the National Wind Energy Centre have published their business case on green hydrogen production in Norway.

The business case focusses on the possibilities of a hydrogen plant on the island of Smøla.

The main challenges to be overcome in developing a green sustainable hydrogen value chain were identified as lack of currently viable solutions to the severe CO2 emissions from passenger transport in rural areas and a mismatch between supply and demand of hydrogen.

Calculations made as part of the study revealed that it is reasonable to develop a hydrogen plant on Smøla, and it outlines a number of requirements that would have to be fulfilled in order to greenlight such a development.

Read more about the case for hydrogen on Smøla here: