G-PaTRA Inception Meeting

20 December 2017 - Published by Lyndsay Bloice
A quick re-cap of the G-PaTRA Inception meeting which took place on 12 October 2017 at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland.

G-PaTRA consortium partners came together on 12 October 2017 for a project inception meeting in Aberdeen. Hosted by lead partner Robert Gordon University, the meeting included round table introductions, sessions on project finance and reporting, and discussions of the individual project work packages.

The attendees also discussed both the project timetable and the proposed series of workshops and meetings.

Some of the lighthouse projects which will provide the basis for the project were also established. These include the trialling of a zero emissions bus in the Highlands and the incentivisation of informal car sharing for teenagers in Denmark.

The next meeting of the G-PaTRA partners will be at project workshops to be held in Aviemore, Scotland during January 2018.