Two Interreg projects join forces

07 March 2019

G-PaTRA and the Like! project ran a workshop together and find clear synergies between their aims

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Electric Bus Launch in Moray, Scotland

26 February 2019

Find out more about the launch of an electric bus service which is part of WP3 in the G-PaTRA project.

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G-PaTRA at the SMARTA workshop for rural mobility

25 February 2019

Find out more about the SMARTA workshop for rural mobility, which took place 30th January 2018.

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Testing out sustainable transport alternatives in Aalst, Belgium

21 February 2019

G-PaTRA partner Taxistop have produced a short video on their 30 day sustainable transport challenge for families in Aalst, Belgium.

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Rural Mobility, Deprivation and Innovation: The Need for a Rural Scope - Lecture slides and presentation video

07 February 2019

Slides and video for Dr. Koen Salemink's lecture on rural mobility, deprivation and innovation which took place at Robert Gordon University (Scotland) on 1st November 2018. Lecture slides and a video …

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SHARE-North’s Webinar on “Promoting Social Inclusion through Shared Mobility”

05 February 2019

Did you miss SHARE-North's webinar on innovative shared mobility solutions that support social inclusion for less-mobile individuals?

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Why is it so difficult to improve mobility in rural areas?

31 October 2018

Nordjyllands Trafikselskab, Aalborg University, and the Danish Engineer’s Association hosted a one day event about the challenges of rural transportation.

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G-PaTRA partner attendance at the MAMBA Rural Mobility Seminar in Riga

31 October 2018

G-PaTRA project partners Elke Vandenbroucke from Taxistop and Andy Grinnall from Robert Gordon University attended the MAMBA Rural Mobility Seminar in Riga on 27th September 2018.

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Talk on Rural Mobility, Deprivation and Innovation

31 October 2018

Dr. Koen Salemink from the University of Groningen has been invited to RGU to give a talk on Rural Mobility, Deprivation and Innovation.

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Show project by G-PaTRA Partner Taxistop

03 October 2018

G-PaTRA Partner, Taxistop, has produced a new video about their show project in Beveren-Aan-De-Ijzer.

The video can be accessed here: 

Or below:



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