Welcome to G-PaTRA's webspace. G-PaTRA is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

G-PaTRA – Green Passenger Transport in Rural Areas – is a consortium of 13 partners from across Europe who have been awarded funding by the European Union Interreg North Sea Region programme to take forward a project on green transport in rural areas.

The project, which will run until 2023, is led by RGU working in collaboration with partners from UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Belgium. It will promote green transport and mobility by enhancing the capacity of authorities to reduce CO2 from personal transport in remote, rural and island areas. It will embed more zero emission vehicles in rural transport systems and improve available passenger transport resources.

“Rural public transport is high carbon, subsidy intensive and struggles to provide a viable alternative to the car,” said David Gray, Professor of Transport Policy at RGU’s School of Creative and Cultural Business, who is one of the researchers leading the project.

“Together with urban transport carbon reduction strategies rarely being transferrable to rural areas, innovations in green rural transport are sorely needed to help governments meet ambitious carbon reduction targets.”

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Latest Project News

G-PaTRA final event – Influencers Summit

06 June 2023

As the project draws to a close, G-PaTRA held its final event on the Scottish island of Orkney. The G-PaTRA project team invited several ‘influencers…

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International Transport Forum Report on Innovations for Better Rural Mobility

06 January 2022

The International Transport Forum has published a report on innovations which aim to transform rural mobility. The mobihubs from Flanders and HUBS in…

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Data integration for eHUBS webinar

02 December 2021

G-PaTRA partner Mpact will soon host two webinars (one in English, one in French) about data integration and hubs. The webinars are part of the Inter…

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Green hydrogen production in Norway

25 November 2021

G-PaTRA partners Møre and Romsdal County Council, Smøla Business and Culture Centre, and the National Wind Energy Centre have published their busines…

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Learn more about the G-PaTRA lighthouse ride-pooling project in Lower Saxony, Germany

12 November 2021

G-PaTRA partners Office for Regional Development Leine and Weser Region have produced a video detailing their ride-pooling lighthouse project in Aerz…

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